Chase Ramsey

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"Ramsey had the goal of creating a play that would raise important questions of the soul and encourage audience members to think outside of their own boxes. I would like to congratulate Ramsey and Warboy Theatre Projects on successfully accomplishing this."
Tara Haas - UTBA

"Ramsey's Elephant’s Graveyard is an interesting and affecting piece of theater, beautifully handled by the actors to make it genuinely affecting. The show packs an emotional wallop that lingers after its close."

Rachel Helwig - UTBA

"I commend music director Chase Ramsey  for giving greater life and personality to the town of Erwin.  The sound design enhanced our mental images throughout the show and was even the star of a few scenes."

Rachel Helwig - UTBA

“It was at the moment when I entered the room that I realized Warboy’s show wasn’t going to be a typical... theatrical experience.”

Paige Guthrie - UTBA

“I was entirely pleased with the show as a whole, the performances of those involved, and the masterful efforts of the production team.”

Paige Guthrie - UTBA

“The most consistent performer, and one of the funniest, was Chase Ramsey, who played the Bellhop. Ramsey was always a treat to watch on stage and had the perfect timing to steal whatever scene he was in. And yet, he never went so far as to take the focus from where it needed to be. Ramsey’s timing was perfect, he had great facial expressions, and his reactions were priceless.”

Christian Cragun – UTBA

“The zippy Ramsey displays vocal prowess and fine comic acting skills. He is a bundle of droll enthusiasm in "Follow Your Heart."

Blair Howell – Broadway World

“…a brilliant Chase Ramsey as the hero Bobby Strong meets the high-pitched voice heroine Hope”

Jennifer Mustoe – Front Row Reviewers

“Ramsey, blocked the play in such a way that the pace remained largely intact even without the advantage of rapid fire dialogue. Actors were all over the stage, sometimes in very imaginative and inventive maneuvers, and it was one aspect of the show that really stood out to me. I must applaud Ramsey for his utilization of his actors’ physicality.”

Elise Hanson – UTBA

Well done one and all, including the show’s director, Chase Ramsey. Directing a farce is akin to herding cats, and Mr. Ramsey managed to deliver a very smooth show.”

Robert A. Easton – Backstage

“Chase Ramsey’s direction is logistically sound and choreographed, pantless in places and breathless everywhere. He has succeeded in bringing “madcap” back to comedy for a too sophisticated 21st century.”

Joel Applegate – Front Row Reviewers

"Director Chase Ramsey found creative ways to make the story of Cinderella fresh."
Johnny Hebda - UTBA

"Ramsey successfully conveyed his theme of “we must never stop seeking” in his direction."
Johnny Hebda - UTBA